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The Mitch Big Band of Yeisk City

The Mitch Big Band group was created on May 31, 2009 at the Yeisk City Center of National Culture, a Municipal cultural institution. During this period the group has turned out a large program. The repertoire of the orchestra has more than sixty works, it is first of all jazz classic, but significant part of the repertoire consists of works of the famous Melody band the founder and head of which was the mentor of Russian jazz G.A.Garanyan.

During its creative activity the group has given a large number of touring performances in the Krasnodar Krai. The team also participated at the international jazz festival in the city of Ples, Ivanovo Oblast, on June 18, 2010. The jury acknowledged the Mitch Big Band as one of the most exciting jazz bands in the "Full jazz band" nomination. This is certainly an achievement for the band with the creative biography of a little over two years.

In 2011, the team participated in the first regional Jazz Festival named "Kuban plays jazz", which was held under the aegis of the Kuban Governor A.N. Tkachev.

From 10 till 14 January 2012, the WORLD GAMES OF STAGE ARTS were held in Sochi. The motto of the event is "THE ART IN THE NAME OF THE FUTURE!" The MICH Big Band participated at the event as a special guest. The jazz band is headed and conducted by Alexander A. Ivakhnenko. Musical director: Oleg Akkuratov. Soloists: Zhirikova Dunna, Irina Babicheva.

Conductor of the Mitch Big Band: Alexander A. Ivakhnenko.

At the invitation of the Administration of Sochi the jazz band gave a solo concert in the village of Lazarevskoye 15.01.2012 on the basis of the Center of National Cultures.

The concert in Shkurinskaya stanitsa on December 17, 2011, organized by the Administration of Kuschevskiy district and supported by Mikhail Ivanovich Chapel, General Director of the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Foundation can be considered as one of the brightest performances.


Mitch Big Band in Shkurinskaya stanitsa.
Left: M.I. Chepel and A.A. Ivakhnenko.


This trip is also memorable for the fact that the band went on tour for the first time on the bus, purchased for Mitch Big Band artists by the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Charitable Foundation.

The bus, donated to Mitch Big Band by the St. Nicholas
the Wonderworker Charitable Foundation.

The group’s artistic alliances with the soloists exceed the bounds of not only the Kuban, but Russia as well.

At the present time the group includes 23 musicians. Alexander A. Ivakhnenko, experienced and professional musician is the director and conductor of the orchestra. Soloist of the orchestra is a talented young musician Oleg Akkuratov – the winner of regional, national and international competitions.

Oleg Akkuratov, soloist of Mitch Big Band, winner of regional,
national and international competitions.


The group consists of teachers and students of Yeisks’ School of Arts, musicians of military bands from Yeysk’s garrison, the builders of private construction companies and others.

Inspirer and patron of creating the Mitch Big Band jazz orchestra was an honorary citizen of the city of Yeisk and Yeisk District, the General Director of the St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Charitable Foundation Mikhail Chepel. He allocated more than two million rubles to purchase instruments and equipment.

The musicians are planning to participate in the regional and national competitions, festivals, but first of all the jazz band will always delight the Kubans’ audiences with their creative projects.

Mitch Big Band