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Looking for a Prima Donna Theatrical & Musical Project

The Russkaya Opera Theatre presents to public attention a unique theatrical & musical project called Looking for a Prima Donna which is held within OPERA PLUS cycle.

The show will take place on:

October, 1, in Moscow International Music Hall

October, 8, Yauza Palace Concert Hall

November, 9, Dom uchenykh of Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI)

01The plot unfolds in Russia and Italy in the end of the 19th century.

The story begins at a St. Petersburg railway station. The main character, a Russian prince, who happens to be a music lover, goes to Italy where his beloved is to sing the first night at a famous opera theatre. Meanwhile all over Italy prima donnas are disappearing and local newspapers publish anonymous articles which tear divas to shreds. The Russian actress cannot escape kidnapping either. And although happy end is inevitable, the characters are to go through both funny and sad situations.



The project directed by Larisa Krivtsova has mixed ingredients of both Russian and Italian cultures in an adventure story which gives the audience an opportunity to enjoy superb melodies.



Technique, specially made stage scenery and costumes make the show impressive and unforgettable. Spectators 06 have a unique opportunity not only to listen to the classics of world opera but also to watch a full-scale performance. Russian and Italian cultures merging with each other on stage create a genuine synthesis of arts. Experts as well as amateurs are to judge a novel, though within the bounds of the tradition, approach of our group to art material. Classical operatic parts are gracefully intertwining with almost a detective story. Opera singers assume dramatic roles also and well-known operatic tunes are played with a most Russian musical instrument, balalaika. The atmosphere of the nineteenth century, spectacular costumes and stage property, blank verse of the play – all this enriches and intensifies the impression of the show. The genre of comedy let the audience to hear serious arias in a new but non-parody vein, in traditional classical aspect.

Leading soloists of Moscow opera theatres have been invited to participate in the project.


You can find more information on the show at the theatre’s website, http://rus-opera.ru/