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Anniversary of Establishing the Pavlovsky District

October 1st, 2011 • Pavlovskaya village • Krasnodar Krai

On October 1st, 2011, the Pavlovsky District in the Krasnodar Krai celebrated the 87th anniversary of its establishing and the 189th anniversary of founding the stanitsa of Pavlovskaya.



At the celebration, A. Yu. Bykov and M. I. Chepel were present, among the guests of honor. As the Foundation’s greeting, the famous folk-singer, Larissa Kolesnikova, took part in the celebratory performance.













The Foundation is engaged in the long-term friendship and cooperation with the Pavlovsky District. Since June 2002, our charitable organization was active to financially support the construction of the Holy Dormition church, already functional.













Today, the building is being decorated from inside: the Foundation funds the ventilation system to be mounted, the big iconostasis to be designed.












Another Foundation’s activity in the stanitsa is aiding the Dyuimovochka (Thumbelina) kindergarten within the framework of the child welfare charitable programs. In February 2009, the kindergarten’s general overhaul funded by the Foundation and the stanitsa Administration was completed. External walls of the building were repaired and colorfully painted, the roof, windows, water supply and drain system were replaced completely.


Our Foundation has funded the installation of the new food galley in the kindergarten, as well as the outdoor sound system which made it possible for the children to listen to the classical music during their strolls.

One of the Foundation’s projects in the Pavlovsky District territory was purchasing the equipment for obstetrical section of the local hospital in 2009. Updating equipment in medical institutions is an important component of our Foundation’s social programs.

It is not just a building that was considerably changed, but also the adjoining territory, as well as the whole concept of child caring centre. The kindergarten Director, Lyudmila Nikolaievna Goncharova, took personal responsibility for preparing and carrying out the program, authored by her, of spiritual and moral education based upon the Orthodox traditions. In the Dyuimovochka kindergarten, the iconostasis was installed – the first in a Russia’s preschool educational institution – as a teaching aid to learn the basics of the Orthodox culture. Presently, the secondary premises of the kindergarten function. Construction of a new Orthodox kindergarten is being completed with the financial support of our Foundation and the Krasnodar Krai Administration.

But this also is not what the Foundation’s works in the Pavlovsky District are limited to. The Foundation is going to institute the prize award to students of the District educational institutions for deeds in the field of Orthodoxy and Culture with monetary compensations of 30,000 (1st prize), 20,000 (2nd prize) and 10,000 (3rd prize) roubles. The decision on awarding the prize is to be passed by the Public Awarding Council in which the District Administration officials, clergymen and students will be members. The prize is meant to promote the Pavlovsky District youngsters motivation for excellent learning and active participation in the spiritual life of the Krasnodar Krai.


For the services rendered to social and economic development of the Pavlovsky District the Chairman of Board the Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker  Charitable Foundation, A. Yu. Bykov was ceremonially granted the title of Honorary Citizen of the Pavlovsky District and awarded with the diploma. In his reciprocal speech, the Foundation’s chief thanked inhabitants of the stanitsa and district administrators for the honor done and voiced a hope for the District’s further dynamic development. “I’d like to believe, the charitable programs implemented by the Foundation in Kuban are worthy contribution to this land’s present and the future, they serve to promote its spiritual and cultural progressing. The Foundation will go on working along these lines”, said A.Yu. Bykov.