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The Reliquary Pilgrimage Charter

The Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Charitable Foundation is implementing the missionary program of transporting the reliquary with a particle of St. Nicholas’s relics throughout Russia’s regions.


The sacred thing was handed over to the founders of the Foundation by the prior of the church on the Italian city of Bari, where the Saint’s holy ointment shedding relics rest; the missionary program is carried out upon the Supreme Authority of the Russian Orthodox Church blessing.


The relics particle is kept in the precious reliquary that has been made by the best Russian craftsmen is a beautiful specimen of the Orthodox art.

The shrine started its pilgrimage across Russia in 2010. It visited a number of parishes in the Krasnodar Krai. Also, the missionary expeditions were undertaken across Kamchatka, Sakhalin, on the Kuril and Commodore Islands. The reliquary with the holy relic made its Cross Procession along the great Siberian rivers of Irtysh and Ob.

Thousands upon thousands of the country’s Orthodox citizens in the most remote areas were able to venerate the shrine. The Saint has come to people to support them, to relieve their hardships and to present them with a joy in the daily routine works.

In 2011, upon the blessing of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, the missionary cruise was made aboard the cost-guard battleship that sailed by the Northern Sea Route from Murmansk to Sakhalin. The reliquary with the holy relic has been carried over the waters of seven seas, two oceans, having consecrated Russia’s Northern and Far Eastern sea borders.

To commemorate this pilgrimage, to let the memory of Saint Nicholas’s visiting Russia’s the most remote borders be kept in history, the Reliquary Pilgrimage Charter has been compiled. In the crafty made scroll, the most significant points of the Saint Nicholas Cross Procession along Russia’s borders were being fixed. Below follows the text of the document.


But the chronicle has not come to the end. The pilgrimage of Saint Nicholas across the Orthodox lands will be continued, what is to be reflected in the Charter scroll.